Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas was lazy for us this year.
We didn't go to any parties or have any - not even our annual
Christmas breakfast.
After having severe chest pains in a store one evening,
I sent Ray to shop for himself.
And I must say that Santa was very good to him!

His favorite gifts were things to work with on his
Amazon book business.

Among many other things he got a
I have fallen in love with it and only let him use it once in a while.  o:)
It's so nice to have type that I can read without 2 pairs of glasses!
I'm reading
'A Study in Scarlet'
ritght now.

I can't wait for Laura Childs books to become available!

Ray put up a very small Christmas tree.
I decorated the coffee table with
'Grinchy Trees'
the bright aluminum trees that Target carried this year.
I bought the 'large' one - about 2 feet tall and
went back for the small ones - about 1 foot tall.
The brilliant colors remind me of the
Whos Down in Whoville!
The battery died in the camera on Christmas morning,
so I will have to send more pictures after we go to town.
With gas prices being what they are,
we travel as rarely as possible.

I wish you all a happy. healthy, and prosperous
New Year!

Ruth Ann

Coming soon!
An all new RaggBaggs!

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