Monday, November 23, 2009

Carnival Holiday Cruise

We recently returned from 2 cruises on the Carnival Holiday. We heard 2 stories: that the Holiday has been decommissioned and the it has been taken to Italy to specialize in Mediterranean cruises.

We had cruised with Carnival before and swore we'd never do it again. The price for these back to back cruises was just too good to pass up, so off we went. The Holiday was a lovely ship and the line has shown great improvement.

We were told that our tips would be included in our final bill - which they were. But unlike other ships that have tips included, the waiters, stewards, etc. were standing in our way with their hands out. There were many people that I would like to have tipped extra, but didn't, because I think it is poor policy to require that tips be paid and then ask for more.

Another complaint is that the ship used the docks that were farthest from town or any central attraction, so there was no way to get off the boat and just stroll around without paying the ship to take you somewhere or hiring a cab. (We chose to take cabs.)

As a whole the cruise was very nice, but I'm back to my original feelings regarding Carnival Cruise Line - I will not sail with them again.

Ruth Ann

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Orientation to Beads

I just found a fabulous site for learning about beads, threads, wires, metals, etc. Be sure and click on:

to read all the details. Fabulous!

Ruth Ann