Friday, April 11, 2008

Stringing Beads

While a major embroidery project stitches on my machines, I have decided that it's time to return to one of my first loves - jewelry making.
I found some of my older beads that I had stashed away and have bought quite a few more.
My how prices have gone up!

This ring was one of my best sellers in the 'old' days and I had enough beads left over to make this ring, so now I'm addicted again.
I have purchased a few gemstones in the past week and I can't wait for them to arrive!
My mind is swirling with new ideas!

Someday you might see some of my creations on my Etsy site,
but, for now, I'm just having loads of fun!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Hand Knit Rose Table Cloth

The table cloth pictured above is hand knit from an old British pattern.
This will be my summer knitting project.
The cloth shown is for a tea table, but instructions are included for a full sized table cloth.
I hope to do the largest size, if it doesn't get too hot!

I love to knit in the late evening while sitting in the swing on the front porch, drinking iced tea, and watching the sun set over the mountains.
If the honeysuckle happens to be blooming, it is pure Heaven!

Signs of Spring!

Above and below are the last shots of our Bradford pears for the year.
They don't last long, but they're so beautiful while we have them!

The tree below is our dwarf peach tree.
It has never born fruit, but we do enjoy the blooms!
Dwarf blueberries are planted at the base.
The berries will be yummy!

Right this minute (7:25 AM) the temperature is a wonderful 48 degrees.
By Thursday, the high is supposed to be 80.
I hate hot weather!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Country Lane

The greatest joy of this lovely country lane is that it belongs to us.
Our Braford pears are blooming about 2 weeks later than everyone else's.
We planted these trees about 7 years ago, but they are growing beautifully and will, hopefully, be magnificent one of these days.
The ridge across from us has greened up tremendously after these past few warm days.
The grass is growing like mad.
It's time to give up our lazy weekends in front of the fire to start mowing -
as soon as the ground dries up.
The weather man predicts more rain for the next 3 days.
Thursday's temperature is supposed to reach 74 degrees.