Sunday, August 2, 2009

Beads and Beading Supplies

I have been asked by several people what beads, tools, stringing materials, etc. are needed to start a business.

Let me tell you, you are treading on dangerous ground! I am a beader with no bead shops. How sad! The closest one is about 200-250 miles away. I have only had the opportunity to visit 4 bead shops in my entire life. So, my answer to your questions is to buy everything you can get your hands on. Know what the online shops have and look for it in stores so you can see what the bead really looks like, then buy online because the prices are so much better.

I like to buy my focal pieces from shops, so I know for sure what I'm getting. I'd hate to tell you what my bills are at one of the shops! Thank Heavens it's 600 miles away and doesn't have a web site.

For tools, buy one of the kits at Hobby Lobby or Michael's. Use these until you know which tools you really need and like, then buy the best you can afford.

For delicas, I try to keep about 50 colors on hand, but there are still some that I need desperately and have to order. The same with the Miyukis. For gem stones, I rarely know what I'll need, so I try to keep lots on hand. I would much prefer to buy them in person, even if they
do cost more, but this isn't a viable thing for me to do.

The Best of Luck to You - and your bank account!

Ruth Ann

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