Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

Our geese have returned!
I love to get up early and
hear them talking outside my office window!

Our ginseng has started to come up.
We planted seeds in the pots early in the year.

We planted seeds in the milk jugs and ice cream tubs a couple of weeks later.
We planted the tubers in the woods last fall.
I'm sure that they are coming up,
but we haven't found them yet.

Our plum trees haven't had plums in several years,
but the dwarf tree is lovely this year.
The sticks surrounding the plum tree
are dwarf blueberries.
the messy greenery at the base
is an assortment of mints and herbs that survived the winter.

Have a joyous spring!
Ruth Ann


La Tea Dah said...

RuthAnn, what beautiful and wonderful tidbits of spring! I think it's wonderful that you are growing ginsing especially --- but loved the flowering plum, blueberries, and herb garden as well.

Enjoy a wonderful spring!!!


Ruth Ann said...

Hi, LaTeaDah!

How lovely to hear from you!

When Ray became unemployed, we asked all the local farmers about the most profitable crop to grow. Without exception, they said marijuana - this included our preacher who is also our local agricultural agent.

We assumed they were joking, because those we asked were all fine Christian people.

So, after much reading and consideration, we decided on ginseng.

There are no hopes of a profit for at least 10 years, but in the meantime, we're looking at heirloomm tomatoes, corn, and pumpkins.

Ray even bought a 1949 Ford tractor. He's like a kid with a new toy!

Ruth Ann