Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gem Stone

Your gemstone is Garnet.

Each gemstone has a unique crystalline and chemical composition. For thousands of years, shamans, royalty and healers have used the properties of individual gemstones to bring about desired changes, heal the bodies and minds of people, and ask for blessings or improvements.

You have just completed a test that helped you discover a gemstone that can serve is your crystalline ally. Garnet is inline with who you are as a person and can bring you benefits to different aspects of your life.

Garnet helps bring order and organization to chaotic situations. Being attractive is a characteristic you value. To help you achieve that desired attractivenes, Garnet can be of assitance. Garnet also helps you attract more positive energy into your life. Garnet is a birthstone for the month of January, the month you were born.Garnet is also a stone that corresponds to your astrological sign, Aquarius.

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