Monday, July 13, 2009

Yep! That's Me!

I didn't think I looked quite that bad, but I happened past a mirror this morning - argh!

I've been working deadlines the past 2 weeks. I hate that! I'd rather just put things on my Etsy site - . In these days of unemployment, one must take orders as they come along.

My mind seems to have left me, as well. I have more than $2,000 worth of beads sitting in front of me that I've ordered in the last couple of weeks. Dummy forgot to order needles and toggle clasps.

I'm putting together new kits that will be on my website - as soon as I have enough to make a decent presentation. I have ideas coming like mad, but, because I can't draw, they leave my brain before I can get even a little piece made.

I'm preparing jewelry for a wedding this weekend. The bride's coordinator specifically asked for me!!!!! It's a great honor, but a huge responsibility. I'm also embroidering purses for the wedding party.

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day. I was recovering from the flu and spent the last few days lazing around eating chicken pot pies. They aren't bad when you don't have anything else~

Happy Days!
Ruth Ann

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