Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kniting Socks and Dogwoods

This beautiful dogwood photo was found on one of my
latest favorite websites

Judy Sumner lives
'just up the road a piece'
in Knoxville, TN
and designs some of the loveliest socks
I have seen.

Since my last major trouble with my back,
knitting socks is once again one of my favorite pastimes.

As with beads,
we have no yarn suppliers within 50 miles.
It used to be a fun adventure to visit
the few craft and fabric stores in Chattanooga,
but with gas prices being what they are
and dear husband's unemployment
these jaunts must be very limited.

Except for Michael's and Hobby Lobby,
I don't think there are any places left to buy yarn within
a 100 mile radius,
so I'm now looking into purchasing my fibers
over the Internet.

The best part yet has been finding
Judy's website.
Her sock patterns are interesting, educational, and fun!
She also offers lots of free patterns.

I know that gardening season is fast approaching,
but it is still cool enough here for some
'light' knitting in the evenings.

A new adventure!

Happy Spring!
Ruth Ann

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