Saturday, March 1, 2008

Our Only Grocery Store Just Closed!

One week ago today, our last grocery store closed. This is what Wal-Mart is doing to our country. Why do we allow them to do this to us???????????????

We were a small 'one horse' town and we liked it that way. Then Hardee's moved in. In the beginning, they took business from our local mom and pop greasy spoons. Some of the small restaurants closed. Then we got McDlonalds, then Taco Bell. More of the small restaurants closed. Now, almost no one eats at the chain restaurants, but our smaller, good restaurants have already left us. This leaves us with only the very few restaurants who were able to stick it out through the new chains.

Last year Wal-Mart moved in. Most of the local citizens were against it. We know a few council members who voted for it and we have given them their opinions. Wal-Mart came anyway. Most of our small stores couldn't afford to remain in business. Now, our only real grocery store has closed it's door.

We have a Sav-A-Lot if you don't mind junk brands. Other than that, there is only Wal-Mart. I refuse to shop there and must drive more than 50 miles each way to a real grocery store.

Why are we letting this huge company, the number one employer in China, to take over our country? We cannot allow this to happen!

I know that I am only one small person, but I intend to fight Wal-Mart at every opportunity!


nancyr said...

This is just my opinion, but I think Wal-Mart has a place in our world.
They hire many people who need a job, and who would have a very hard time finding employment. They hire very elderly people, people with handicaps, morbidly obese people, all of whom are thrilled to have jobs.
They don't publicize it, but Sam's and Wal-Mart give money, clothing, and household goods, to people in communities that have had natural disasters. A lot of money and goods. Grandparents brought their grandkids into our local Wal-Mart, a few years ago, after a hurricane hit where they lived. The kids were sent to stay with the grandparents because the family had lost everything. The grandparents were going to purchase clothing, from underwear to jackets, and some toys, and when the clerk heard why, she called over the manager, and he told them there was no charge. I have personally seen flatbed after flatbed of clothing, at Sam's, that was being sent to a hurricane area. They also give to community charities.

No one forces people to shop at Wal-Mart, they shop there because they can save money, and feed their families decent food, for less.

It is very trendy to hate Wal-Mart, but one needs to have all of the facts.

Ruth Ann said...

Perhaps Wal-Mart does have a place in our world, but lets keep them in the big cities where there is a choice of places to shop.

In our small town, people who have devoted their lives to building high quality businesses are now bankrupt. Some of these businesses were started by our fathers and grandfathers. A lifetime of work and investment has been lost so that a junk store can come in.

I prefer to buy merchandise that is made in the United States to support and stimulate OUR economy rather than to buy shoddy merchandise that is made in a third world country.

Let's employ our OWN people first.

Carol Ann said...

Ruth Ann, I feel for you. Such a long drive to the grocery store! I can't bring myself to shop @ Wal-Mart either, but I have other choices nearby.