Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas at Our House

Christmas at our house is going to be a bit lazy this year. There are a few more gifts to be embroidered and lots left to be wrapped. A few more delightful dinner parties to attend and then there's just the three of us enjoying the fire and the tree. Maybe a few more games to play this year? And fondue for a quiet New Year's Eve. Ah, this is the very best part of the holidays!

Merry Christmas!
Ruth Ann, The Bag Lady


Meredith said...

The teapot ornament is so charming!

I'd love to collect a few like that for a tiny kitchen tree. Hmmm....

Bag Lady said...

Hi, Meredith!
Thanks so much for dropping by! Halmark came out with an ornament of a kitten in a tea cup and one in a teapot several years ago. If you check eBay, I bet you could find them.

Merry Christmas!
Ruth Ann, The Bag Lady