Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy 2011! I really meant to post on 11/1/11, but still had (have) the flu. I came down with it just before Thanksgiving and still have it. Blah!

When I was awake, we spent the time making plans for the new year - details to come.

At this point, my Etsy account is inactive. It's just too demanding on my time with the holidays and my poor health. I hope to have it active again soon.

I did all of my holiday shopping on the Internet. What a treat not to have to fight the crowds when I'm feeling poorly. Darling hubby wouldn't tell me what he wanted, so he got lots of gourmet cookware - including a gelato machine that makes ice cream in 30 minutes. Wow! Trouble is, I think we can eat it faster than that!

We are learning the newest game of Trivial Pursuit. Such questions! It has also added the element of gambling. I'm not totally against gambling, but I'd rather answer questions.

Ray bought me a fabulous bracelet from Morning Glory Designs - to be found on Etsy. It is shown in the picture above. Willie does the most fabulous work!

Must rest for a while, so I can beat Ray playing Trivial Persuit. (He beat me 2 out of 2 last night. Hum Bug!

Ruth Ann

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