Friday, May 15, 2009

Regarding Ready to Bead

I have put off this post as long as possible. I don't like to complain about individual distributors because so many things can happen when one person is solely responsible.

This all began late last year when I started ordering from 'Ready to Bead'. Packages were very slow to arrive. Most of the merchandise was poor quality - eg. fire polish beads were used instead of Austrian crystals - fringe beads instead of nice round seed beads.

Beginning November 4, 2008, packages began not to arrive at all A few came, but, to date there are 6 packages that I have not received at all. Totaling almost $500. Sherry always has a different excuse - she doesn't feel good, she's tired, she has company, she is gone on vacaton,etc. Now she doesn't answer her email at all. And she won't let derogatory comments be posted to her blog.

I have reported the 6 packages I haven't received to PayPal 2 weeks ago, but I haven't had a word from them yet.

What's a girl to do ? I have always enjoyed the merchandise I received from Ready to Bead

If any of you had a suggestion regarding getting orders from Ready to Bead and actually receiving them . In my opinion , this woman is totally dishonest.

Ruth Ann


nologic said...

I quit using Ready to Bead over a year ago because of the problems you mentioned. My only suggestion is to contact the designers of the kits you ordered. Many have other web sites and maybe you can find contact info there.

Good luck.

Ruth Ann said...

I finally received a partial refund from Ready to Bead and a few of the small kits - not nearly the almost $400.00 that I spent.

I am grateful for what has been done, but it's too little, too late. I have ordered from Ready to Bead every month for more than a year. No more.

What a shame for both of us!

I hope you had a great time at the retreat!

villagebeader said...

Ruth Ann,
I have to agree. I bought from Sherry nearly every month. I loved the free kit and all the contests she had. When I first started ordering it was one week to the day from order to arrival time.......and in the end months with no response to emails or customer services comments. I was given the same excuses when she would contact me. I'm very sad for her because I don't believe she is a bad person. I believe her success was her demise. I would not recommend her business to's really a shame.

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure she's not a bad person, she bald faced lied to me! As others have experienced, she ignores private emails but gets angry if you post publicly. She tried to tell me that she had been putting comments in my account all along, but I had been checking and the comments didn't appear until after I decided I had had enough and threatened to report her to the Texas Attorney General office. Then I got an immediate response and she did refund my money. I think she needs to be held accountable and possibly legal action should be taken. This happened last December but it seems she's still operating in the same fashion.

Salsschutff said...

Placed an order in June, have emailed the company, and owner several times directly and through her yahoo group, and was told Sept 25 that the order shipped, but as of today Oct 15, I have still not rec'd this order. Order was probably not shipped at all. Certainly was not received. Placed a complaint with the better busines bureau, seems I'm not the only complaint.Typically she posts a tracking number, none has been posted or emailed even after several requests. I also know about of at least 6 other people personally who have not received orders placed in June. Buyer BEWARE.

Anonymous said...

Please report the fraud (non receipt of goods) to your credit card company. This is also mail fraud if the goods were stated to be shipped. The BBB can do nothing to her. If you are a victim PLEASE REPORT her to the Texas Attorney General.( DON'T let that unreputable cheat keep your money.

Anonymous said...

try, the BBB and these posts. I had such an awful experience with her: she is dishonest and will NEVER get any of my money again.

Anonymous said...


I cannot express how relieved I am to find out I'm not the only one who has been "ripped off" by Ready to Bead.

Equally, I cannot express how disappointed and frustrated I am about my experience with this company and its owner, Sherry Wyat.

I placed 3 orders in December of 2008 which came to a total of USD$237.00 or AUD$370.11 exchange rate at the time.

A month went by and I did not receive anything. I emailed her and got no response. I continued to politely enquire about my orders once every fortnight or so, but received no responses.

My order information disappeared from the website when it was updated in early 2009, the last update being "orders pending".

Despite repeated attempts to contact Sherry Wyat via the contact form on the Ready to Bead website and via email, I only ever received ONE response from her on the 23 April 2009 saying she was experiencing shipping problems and would get my orders out within the next week.

I kept on waiting and waiting, naively kept on believing that I would eventually receive my orders. I tried many, many, many times to contact her via email. I was always polite and all I ever asked for was an update on my orders, however she just kept ignoring my emails.

Well here I am in March 2010, 15 MONTHS LATER having:

1) Paid a lot of money for these orders via Paypal (so my money was taken instantly);

2) Left empty-handed having received none of my orders nor any refund; and

3) All of my contact requests ignored except for that one email back in Apr 09.

I cannot express how frustrated, disappointed and angry I am at the poor customer service from Sherry Wyat and just the plain wrong done to customers who have paid for goods and not received them.

If Sherry cannot fulfil customer orders, she should refund their money. If she needs more time to fulfil orders, she should advise them of this.

To take money from customers and then leave them empty-handed and ignore them is just not justifiable behaviour. I will not ever recommend Ready to Bead to anyone nor will I do any further business with them ever again.

I have but given up all hope of receiving my orders or getting my money back.

To others out there - buyer beware!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I'm another disgruntled customer of Ready To Bead and I think it's disgusting that she still has her website up and people can still order and be cheated by her. I have been chasing her with emails for well over a year and to date nothing from her :(

Very disappointed indeed.

Anonymous said...

Sherry shut down her ReadyToBead site and relieved as WestTexasJewels. Beware of this site as well .. She might soon return to her old tricks.