Monday, March 2, 2009

Are We Frozen Yet?

It is currently 36 degrees and sunny. No snow since yesterday. It made the air look pretty, but it didn't lay. The temperature is supposed to be down to 18 tonight, so Ray is splitting wood for the fireplace in the drawing room. I miss the gas logs in there, but I certainly don't miss the bills! We still have 6 gas fireplaces, but we use them conservatively. We find it romantic to sleep in front of the fire and Poppett loves it!

We are blessed with 5 acres of trees that we can cut and 5 acres that we can farm. We are also blessed with plenty of time since Ray has been permanently 'down sized' from his job. Now, if we were just blessed with plenty of money...... ;o)

God bless all of us during this distressing time!

Ruth Ann

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