Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving!
A little late!!!!!

We spent Thanksgiving morning preparing our usual
'Sinful Mashed Potatoes'
to take to the family dinner.
For the last couple of years, dinner has been in the
'party room'
at the local funeral home,
because there are so many of us now.

I strongly dislike this new custom -
though, since there are
40 something of us,
it seems a necessity.

The meal is uncomfortably noisy
and we only have the opportunity
to speak to a few people.

Everyone grabs a paper plate,
piles it so high with food that the plate collapses,
eats, and leaves.

The leaving part suits us fine,
as we spend the evening visiting friends,
sampling desserts around town,
sipping eggnog,
and enjoying the comany
of dear friends.

We return home to
the first fire of the season -
even if we have to open the windows
to be cool enough -,
a bottle of champagne,
and special olives that I buy only once a year.

Then, the hassle is over until Christmas Eve
and the most special time of the holiday begins.
Ray is off work for two weeks,
returns to work for two weeks,
and is off another two weeks.

We spend our time decorating, shopping,
attending parties, and wrapping gifts by the fire.
Best of all, we are together for a full month
with few interuptions -
except for the dreaded dinner at
the funeral home on Christmas Eve.
There are very few changes in the menu
from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve,
but it is a command performance
and we MUST attend.
Ah, well.....
I guess one must do things for family.
And I have a wonderful family,
it's just that they are very demanding.

The week following Thanksgiving was spent
on Panama City Beach in Florida.
Pictures will follow -
just as soon as I find the camera!

Wishing you all a blessed and happy
holiday season!

Ruth Ann

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