Tuesday, August 5, 2008

World's Longest Yard Sale

The World's Longest Yard Sale

now in it's 21st year, begins at the Ohio/Michigan border
and ends in Gadsden, Alabama, spanning 654 miles.

The sale, set for August 7th through the 10th this year,
officially begins the day after tomorrow,
but vendors in the Dunlap/Pikeville area began setting
up a month ago to get prime locations.

The rules of the show state that there can be no
used clothing or commercial vendors,
but there will be both - with all things in between.
Last year, we found a dried rat for sale.
That's pushing it a bit, in my opinion!

Our house is located directly on Highway 127.
We will not be selling, but will be out shopping.

See you on the road!


La Tea Dah said...

My friend, Paula, travelled many miles to attend this yard sale! She's not home yet, but I can hardly wait until she returns. She and her sis tried to drive the entire length of the sale and took a long, covered trailer to put their purchases in. Did you find anything fun? special? unique?

Ruth Ann said...

I wish I had know that Paula was coming this way. She could have stayed with us since the yard sale goes directly in front of our house!

I bought 3 tea cups, 2 cameos, and a pair of vintage earrings.

The sale has really gone down hill over the past few years. Too many professional dealers and the prices are outrageous.

I really miss the days where people were selling grandma's stuff at low prices.

Not now. Ah, well.....

Ruth Ann said...

Oooops! That should read "I wish I had known". My country raisin' is starting to show itself. :o)