Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pearly Bubbles

I created this lovely necklace while visiting Anna Maria Island
- one of our favorite vacation spots.
The disks are mother of pearl.
The pearls are glass Swarovski pearls.
The length of the pearl strand is 18 1/4"
from sterling toggle to sterling ring.
The pearl dangles add 2 3/4" to the necklace.
This necklace is perfect for a moonlit stroll on the beach!
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Sierras Creations said...

Joyeux Anniversare! and many more te come. What a handsom couple.
I now know who I am talking to! All this time I thought you had a brown hair! Oh well...I love your Pearly Bubbles!
Once again, Happy Anniversary!

Ruth Ann said...

Thanks so much for the anniversary wishes, Sierra!

Nope that brown fuzzy thing on top of my head is a fur hat from Mongolia. It was snowing the day we went for our camel ride at the Great Wall of China and we donned every stitch of clothing that we had with us.

I was born blond - actually, I was born bald, but grew blonde hair. As I age, the blonde needs a little help from Clairol!