Monday, June 23, 2008

Sand Flowers

The Sand Flower Ring is the result of my dreaming of the beach this weekend.
If it's going to be this hot, one should at least have an ocean nearby!
I wanted to do something creative, but simple.
It's just too hot to think!
I think Sand Flower will be absolutely indispensable for beach strolling!
The ring will be in my Etsy shop in just a few minutes.
It is available in any size you specify.

Ruth Ann


ChezChani said...

BeeeUtiful! More horsey pictures please :-)

Ruth Ann said...

Good Morning!

The horses have been in hiding for the past few days. We've had terrible thunderstorms (but not much rain) and the equines don't seem to like it much.

There is a bunny hoping around outside my window right this minute. I'll see if I can get his picture. :o)