Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Unfortunately, this fabulous picture of a manatee pair was not taken by me.
It was found on the internet, but I don't know the source.

Last week we spent our annual week (or 2 or 3) on Anna Maria Island in Manatee County on the west coast of Florida.
The front of our resort home faces the Gulf of Mexico while our back garden overlooks a lovely tropical garden and Tampa Bay.
There was a precious manatee living under our boat dock while we were there and a mother and her calf were residing in the waterway beside one of our favorite restaurants.

For those of you with whom I converse regularly, our internet connection has been down due to 'improvements' being made by our local telephone company which also hosts our interent connection.
I'm home, alive, and relatively well and hope to be in touch soon!

Ruth Ann

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